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Above is an aeronautic action-adventure game, set in a world of scattered islands, where flight is freedom at a cost and danger lurks deep beneath the ocean waves.

Join the young pilot, Maryam, as she breaks the aviation ban of her people, in order to reunite with her brother, Elm. Experience, with Maryam, the freedom of flight, uncover the truths behind her people’s myths and rules, and discover, with her, that the world is much bigger than she was told but as dangerous as she was warned.


Above is a love letter to adventure and aviation, being written by Mighty Moth; a small team of passionate people devoted to the craft of game-making. The project started as a passion-project between two friends that evolved into the greater story. In 2017, It received funding from the Danish investor Capnova, which marked the beginning of Mighty Moth and the start of the journey that is Above.


  • Acrobatic Aviation - Experience with Maryam the freedom of flight, learn how to master the different aeroplanes, and begin the journey to becoming an ace pilot.
  • Intriguing Island-world - Explore the ocean-scattered islands, discover the history of the world, meet and interact with its inhabitants and scavenge for resources to further your journey.
  • Unraveling Mysteries - What is the truth and what is a myth? Who can you trust and who has their own agenda? And what secrets are dwelling just below the surface?
  • Abominations from Below - Fight and hunt, from your tiny aeroplane, the different gigantic sea monsters that dwell in the world's ocean.
  • Crafting and Customization - Build and modify aeroplanes with scavenged resources and recovered blueprints.


Above - Teaser Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indiearenabooth Rising Star Award, Nominee" GamesCom, 2018
  • "Leftfield Collection, Official Selection" EGX Rezzed, 2018
  • "Indie MEGABOOTH, Official Selection" PAX East, 2018
  • "Indie MEGABOOTH, Official Selection" GDC, 2018

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About Mighty Moth

Mighty Moth Games is a small danish game studio with a focus on patiently crafted games centered around the sense of adventure, exploration and mystery. We are inspired by the things that fascinates us and use that as a starting point to create game worlds that become places you want to step into an be a part of. We make the games we want to play, but that are not yet made.

More information
More information on Mighty Moth, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Above Credits

Benjamin Salqvist
CEO and Game Director

Ole Toubro
Technical Lead and Game Designer

Astrid Mie Refstrup

Johs Duvig
Lead Programmer

Sarah Nielsen
Art Direction/2D Concept Artist

Thomas Storm
Art Direction/3D Artist

Riccardo Argiolas
Gameplay Programmer

Troels Nygaard
Music and audio

Morten Brunbjerg
Story and dialog

Emil Holmen
Intern/Graphics Programmer

Kalle Rathje
3D Artist

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